Viewing Guide for Relatives and Friends

Our Viewing Guide for Relatives and Friends

We have prepared a quick guide to help you join our live performances which will be streamed into your home and to the homes of your loved ones.

Watching the concerts simultaneously with your loved ones creates a great talking point at a later date, bringing a real sense of connection through the shared enjoyment.

Click on the sections below to reveal detailed explanations.

Each week, we will generate a link to a YouTube page for the next concert. Just get in touch with us and let us know you’d like to watch the concert and we’ll send you a link. On the day, simply click on the link for front row seats at the concert!

Please note:

  • You don’t have to have a YouTube account to access the concert.
  • The concert will start automatically at the scheduled time.
  • Remember to connect speakers to your computer for better sound, connect via HDMI to your TV or stream the concert through a large screen smart TV.
  • Try to use a cable (ethernet) connection to your broadband (rather than wi-fi) for greater livestream stability and better quality.
  • Enter “full screen” mode in YouTube for the best viewing experience.

Please join in the conversation in the comments box:

  • Tell us where you’re watching from
  • Put your questions to the musicians – anything you like: comments, criticism, praise, reminiscences….

We’d love to hear from you!

We’ll pass your comments and questions on to the musicians, who will read out and respond to as many as possible.

Open the YouTube link 10 minutes before the concert starts. You should see an image but you wont hear any sound at first. The sound will go live when the concert is introduced.

(You can also check the link in the preceding days as there will be an Artists ’n Residents holding page there.)

To the right of the YouTube screen, you will see a chat column. Here, you will be able to write your questions or comments directly to the musicians. Simply type them in – and between pieces (or sometimes at the end), the musicians will read out and respond to as many as possible.

If you’re having difficulty linking to the concert, try to find a clever ‘useful geek’ to help. If they can’t help you, please contact Nick Cohen for some personalised tech guidance and general assistance. He will do his best to help:
07944 078 931

Thank you.

Jennie Muskett and Nick Cohen