Affirmations and Quotes

Feedback from our viewers

“I have found the sessions to be soothing and calming. I particularly enjoyed listening to the harpist, It made me think how lovely it would be to be able to play the harp, in a way I think I would feel a little bit closer to heaven if I could play such a beautiful instrument. Modern technology has enabled us to have a way of hearing live music again and it has been so refreshing.”
Kathleen Taylor, 98

“It’s not often that we get the opportunity to listen to individual musicians that make up an orchestra, or small groups of different instruments, and it’s not often we have such talent performing for us either. The sessions remind me of the musician of the year competition and I have found them soothing and extremely pleasant.”
Gladys, 107

“Both performers and spectators are suffering, so hearing live, classical music played with such passion and joy has brought so much light into our home. The opportunity to watch live performances and have interaction with the musicians has been a breath of fresh air to everyone. As the activity co-ordinator in the home, having this weekly session available has made the world of difference, not only to me, but most importantly, to our residents and their mental wellbeing.”
Eirlys Roff, Activity Coordinator
Springview Care Home

“An exquisite performance! Can’t wait for the next concert! I think it is so lovely of everyone involved to do this for us.”
Christine Wilson, 86

“I enjoyed the concert so very much, it was delightfully staged and delightfully presented – I just wish it could have been longer, as I enjoyed it so much!”
Lily Silberberg, 91

“Music has a strong magical power to heal, trigger memories, relax and replenish the soul. At a time when the mental health and wellbeing of humanity is being pushed to its limits, I believe music should be used much more as the powerful tool it truly is. For the last 8 months, we have had limited contact and interaction with fellow humans, and need the arts all the more. Sadly, the loss of live music has left us with an even greater sense of emptiness. These weekly concerts are a joy, and lift the spirits of residents and carers alike.”
Eirlys Roff, Activity Coordinator
Springview Care Home